Vanguards of Freedom
(The Green Berets)

"De Oppresso Liber!"
Crossed beret
Dick Meadows..."Nick" Rowe...Bull Simons...Sontay!
Warrior's blade..."The Quiet Professionals"...liberty!
The Grey Ghost...Swamp Fox...awesome legacy!

Vanguards of Freedom...stalking horse of night
Special Forces soldiers...fight oppression's fight.
SOG...sacred trust...following God and Creed,
"If I'm the last...surrender Hell!" A very special breed.

These silent heroes answer...wherever freedom calls
For God, John Wayne, Uncle Sam...first in war to fall.
Korea...Southeast Asia...Iraq...Afghanistan.
Stealthy, unseen shadows...this mighty warrior band!

Fearless of "The Last Patrol"...set apart...honor bound.
God speed! to a dying brother...sad songs...of an old blue hound.
A brave heart...slain in battle..."Hey Blue" sings of his worth,
As lightning from Valhalla...guides a warrior soul from Earth!

C. 2002
Marsha Burks Megehee

In memory of
U.S.A. Special Forces
Capt. Humberto "Rocky" Versace
West Point - MOH


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